Why Your Dog Runs Away When You Call

Your dog never learned to reliably come when called. Retrain using positive reinforcement methods. 

Lack of Proper Recall Training

Running away from you is self-rewarding fun. Make coming to you more rewarding with high-value treats.

Chasing is Rewarding 

Your dog runs away due to fear or anxiety. Counter condition to build trust through positive association.

Anxiety or Fear  

Your dog wants to avoid you taking away a cherished item. Trade item for a treat instead of taking it.

Guarding a Treasured Item

Adolescent dogs test boundaries. Consistent training and maturity will improve recall.

 Adolescent Independence

The distraction reward outweighs you. Proof your recall by practicing with distractions. 

Distractions Are Too Tempting

You call at end of play. Change so coming means more fun, not end of fun.

You Seem Less Fun

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