Tools for Keeping Senior Dogs Mentally Sharp

Hide kibble in snuffle mat fibers to engage your senior's nose for seeking and mental exercise.

Snuffle Mats

 Balance training on wobble board targets muscles and activates brain through coordination. 

Wobble Boards

 Spread treats, pumpkin, or peanut butter on a lickimat for your old dog to clean off, occupying them.


Make your senior dog work for kibble dispensed from puzzle feeders to keep their mind sharp.

 Food Puzzles

 Hide scents for your senior to sniff out around the home, exercising neuro pathways. 

Nosework Kits

Eating from mazes or obstacles in the bowl keeps senior dogs' minds engaged longer.

Slow Feed Bowls

Toys activated by pushing buttons or toggles reward play with mental stimulation

 Interactive Toys

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