Why Your Dog Chews And How to Stop It

Teething puppies chew for relief. Provide acceptable chew toys and freeze puppy teethers to sore gums.


Dogs left alone for long periods without stimulation may chew belongings for entertainment. Up exercise & toys. 


Stressed dogs may compulsively chew to self-soothe. Address root cause and provide alternative calming outlets.   


Pain or illness can trigger excessive chewing. Vet exam to identify and treat underlying problem.  

Medical Issue

As babies explore world with mouths, offer plentiful acceptable chew toys to divert attention.

Puppy Exploration 

Some dogs learn chewing earns owner interaction. Ignore bad chewing and reward good play with designated toys.  

Seeking Attention

Lock up garbage, food waste and edibles to remove temptation. Use bitter sprays on forbidden items.  

Tasty Trash

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