Doggy First Aid Basics for Pet Parents

Normal temperature (100-102°F), pulse (70-120 bpm) and respiratory rate (10-30 bpm) to assess emergency status.  


Apply direct pressure with clean cloth for 5-10 minutes to stop bleeding. Bandage if still seeping, not gushing.


If choking, open mouth to check for object. Try retrieving with fingers if seen. Give dog Heimlich if distressed.  


Familiarize yourself with proper technique for rescue breathing & chest compressions if breathing or heart stops.

CPR Ready

Clear area around safely seizing dog. Track event duration. Seek immediate post-seizure vet attention.

Seizure Care  

Clean wounds with saline or Betadine to prevent infection. Bandage to protect. Seek prompt vet care for sutures


Stock first aid kit with bandages, gauze, tape, scissors, antibiotic cream, saline wash & more.

Kit Essentials

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