Why Do Some Dogs Vomit When Riding in Vehicles

Inner ear disturbance from car movement triggers nausea. Dogs prone to vomiting from motion do poorly in cars.

Motion Sickness   

Anxious dogs may vomit from stress during travel. Use treats, favorite toys and praise to make it positive.


Eating too much right before a ride sits heavy on the stomach. Avoid large meals before travel.

Overeating Before  

Open windows with blasting air and sun in dog's eyes can create unease leading to vomiting. 

Wind & Sunlight  

Vets can prescribe anti-nausea or sedatives for dogs with severe travel sickness. Use judiciously.


Allow your dog to ride in whatever position seems least stressful - sitting, lying down, loose harness.

Comfortable Position  

For some dogs, not eating for at least 12 hours before the car ride prevents vomiting.

Empty Stomach  

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