How to Safely Hike with Your Dog

Opt for dog-allowed trails with proper amenities like parking, waste stations and water access.

Pick Dog-Friendly Trails  

Use hiking packs for supplies. Pack collapsible bowls, dog first aid, treat pouches and waste bags.

Gear Up  

Make sure your dog is conditioned and physically fit for the terrain, mileage and conditions.  

Ensure Proper Fitness

Carry plenty of water. Know signs of overheating. Take breaks in shade

Monitor Hydration 

Bring a basic dog first aid kit in case of injuries, bites, porcupine quills etc.

First Aid Supplies

Ensure your dog wears current ID and microchip in case you get separated from each other.

Proper Identification   

Train a reliable recall and trail manners. Use a long lead if your dog doesn't listen well.

 Practice Commands

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