When Do Puppies Start Walking

Puppies take their first wobbly steps around 2-4 weeks of age. Their walking skills progress steadily after that. 

2-4 Weeks

Allow puppies supervised playtime on various surfaces to help build leg and paw pad strength needed for walking.

Build Strength

Puppies start coordinating their legs better around 6-8 weeks old for steadier walking.

Coordination Develops

Between 8-12 weeks puppies really hit their stride, moving around easily and starting to trot and run.

Going Mobile! 

Once vaccinated, start socializing your puppy outside the home during this prime mobility period.  

Start Socializing 

You can introduce a collar and leash around 8 weeks and start structured leash training. Keep early lessons short.

Begin Leash Training

Let your curious puppy explore new environments safely to gain confidence navigating different terrain.

Allow Exploring

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