The Ultimate Guide to Running With Dogs

Use a well-fitted harness and leash designed for running. Consider a waist leash for handsfree convenience.

Proper Gear

Avoid running with dogs in extreme heat or cold. Watch for signs of overheating, dehydration or sore paws.

Mind the Temperature

Gradually increase mileage together as your dog's conditioning improves. Start with short distances.

Build Up Distance 

Teach verbal cues and proper leash manners through positive training before running together.

Training Is Key

Steer clear of slick surfaces and stick to softer ground while running with a dog to avoid paw injuries.

Mind the Terrain

Bring water and collapsible bowls to keep your dog hydrated during runs. Offer water breaks.

Hydration Essentials 

When passing people or dogs, move aside and shorten the leash. Announce "Passing on your left!"

Be Etiquette Minded

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