What's the Ideal Daily Treat Limit for Your Dog

A general guideline is treats should provide only 10-15% of your dog's total daily calories.  

10-15% of Calories

 Larger dogs can handle more treats than smaller dogs relatively. Check treat bag guidelines.

Based on Dog's Weight  

 If your dog food is very calorie dense, you'll need to limit treats more accordingly. 

Factor in Regular Meals

Mini training treats with only 1-5 calories make it easier to keep within limits.

Use Small, Low Cal Treats  

Break treats into smaller bite sizes for more portions per treat. 

Portion Treats  

Reduce kibble quantity at meals to balance higher treat portions as needed.

Substitute Food From Meals  

Prioritize low sugar options and be wary of obesity and dental issues.

 Avoid Too Many Sugary Treats  

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