Daily Exercise Should You Give Your Dog?

Puppies need multiple active play sessions plus training time totaling 2+ hours to aid development.

 2+ Hours  

Adult dogs need 30-60 minutes of daily exercise through walks, play, training to stay fit and stimulated.

30-60 Minutes  

Breeds like huskies, labs, shepherds benefit from 60+ minutes of vigorous exercise daily.

60+ Minutes  

Limit older dogs to slower paced, shorter walks 1-2 times daily due to decreased stamina.

1-2 Short Walks 

Follow your vet's recommended exercise restrictions for sick, injured or post-surgery dog

Vet’s Advice

In addition to physical exercise, provide ample mental stimulation through training, toys, games.

 Mental Stimulation Too

Daily exercise is better than 1 long weekly session. Make it a routine habit.

Consistency Over Long Periods

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