What Your Pup is Trying to Tell You

Fast loose wags usually indicate a happy, friendly dog. Slow wags can signal insecurity or nervousness.

Tail Wag 

Growling often communicates dominance, possession of toys/food, discomfort or defense.  


Whining and whining combined with pacing can indicate a dog needs to go out, feed, or is anxious.


The play bow posture with front legs down and butt in the air invites play and shows friendliness.

Play Bow

Frequent lip licks often signify nervousness and uncertainty, like when meeting new people.

Lip Licking

Raised eyebrows paired with a staring gaze reveals a dog is feeling threatened or defensive.

Raised Eyebrows

 Yawning when not tired shows stress. It's a calming signal.  


Basic Obedience Commands Every Dog Should Learn