Ways to Show Your Cat Love and Affection

Put aside distractions, get on your cat's level, and focus completely on them during petting and play sessions.

Give Full Attention   

Engage your cat's natural hunting instincts with wand toys, laser pointers, treat puzzles, and hide-and-seek games. 

Make Playtime Fun

Give healthy treats in moderation at random times to say "I love you!" Look for your cat's favorites.

Give Yummy Treats

Keep your cat's food bowls, water fountain, litter boxes, scratchers, and beds clean and inviting.

Maintain Their Space

Install cat shelves, cat trees, and windows with perches so they can survey their domain from on high.

Provide Enrichment  

Pay attention to your cat's personality and preferences. Let them enjoy alone time when needed.  

Respect Their Needs

Keep up with preventative veterinary care and address any emerging health issues promptly to protect their wellbeing.

Take Them to the Vet

Reasons for Your Cat’s Frequent Meowing