Reasons for Your Cat's Frequent Meowing

Cats may meow persistently to get your attention and company. Spending quality interactive time together helps curb this.

Demanding Attention

Meowing can reflect distress over something like another cat outside or location of litter box. Try to identify and address the source.

Expressing Distress

Cats may meow in response to sounds like other animals or people passing by. Providing enrichment and exercise helps. 

Reacting to Outside Noises

Hungry, bored, or lonely cats will meow to vocalize their needs. Keeping to a routine can reduce this kind of meowing.

Announcing Needs

Dementia in older cats can cause disorientation, anxiety and frequent vocalizing. Consult your vet if meowing is new.

Cognitive Decline

Issues like hyperthyroidism, impaired hearing/vision, arthritis and more can prompt crying and meowing. Have your vet examine your cat.

Medical Reasons

Cats learn to meow for attention. Ignore the meowing and reward quiet moments instead.  

Learned Behavior 

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