Vibrant Orange Cat Breeds You'll Love

No list of orange cats is complete without the red tabby. These striped ginger kitties are what people typically picture when they think of an orange cat.

Red Tabby

The semi-longhaired Somali sports a vibrant orange coat with darker orange ticking that makes their coat appear striped or banded.

Orange Somali

The fluffy Persian is perhaps the most familiar longhaired orange cat breed. Their long flowing coat gives them a truly magnificent appearance.

Orange Persian 

A color variant of the Oriental breed, the Mandarin exhibits a bright reddish coat. They have a sleek, elegant appearance.

Mandarin Orange

Some Maine Coon cats exhibit lovely orange and white coloring. These gentle giants have pine-tree like ear tufts and plumy tails.

Maine Coon

 Abyssinians demonstrate a distinctly ticked coat which on orange cats produces a ruddy appearance. They are extremely intelligent and social.  


Hailing from the Isle of Man, Manx can be born completely tailless. The orange variety retains all the friendliness and curiosity Manx are known for.


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