Tiny Singapura World's Smallest Cat

The Singapura originated as a landrace breed in Singapore. The name means "lion city" in Malay. 


Singapuras typically weigh just 4-8 lbs. That makes them one of the smallest breeds in the world. 


These cats have short, fine coats that lay close to their bodies. Their most distinctive physical feature is their large eyes and ears that dominate their tiny heads.  


Despite their small size, Singapuras are lively, affectionate, highly intelligent and curious. 


Their small size makes them well-suited to apartment living. However, they need a variety of toys and interactive play to keep their sharp minds engaged.


While still quite rare, the Singapura is recognized by major breed registries. Those looking for a pint-sized companion


Singapore recognizes the Singapura as their national breed. It is also the smallest breed developed in the past few decades and one of just a handful of natural breeds.

Fun Facts

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