Training Your Dog to Fetch Toys

Initially use treats to encourage your dog to go after and pick up toys, creating a positive association.

Use Treats  

Say "get it!" when you throw the toy so your dog learns that cue means to run after the object.

Add Cues

Daily short fetch sessions reinforce the training. Toss the toy short distances and keep sessions positive.

Practice Daily  

Say "drop it" and offer a treat when your dog returns so they learn to release the toy to you.

Teach "Drop It"

Praise excitedly when your dog fetches the toy. This rewards the behavior you want to see more of.

Lots of Praise  

Gradually increase the distance you throw the toy as your dog becomes more reliable at fetching.

Increase Distance 

Make it more rewarding by using toys your dog loves like balls, plush toys or ropes.

Use Favorite Toys

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