Protecting Your Dog From Summer Heat 

Ensure your dog has access to shaded areas outdoors to prevent overheating and provide relief from the sun.

Access to Shade

Always provide cool, fresh water for your dog to stay hydrated and regulate body temperature.

Cool Water

Don't overexercise dogs in hot weather to prevent heat stroke. Opt for shorter, slower paced walks.

Avoid Overexertion 

Give dogs cool baths or let them swim to help lower body temperature and keep them comfortable.

Soothing Baths 

Help dogs prone to overheating by brushing out excess undercoats to maximize heat relief.

Brushing Out Undercoats

Apply dog-formulated sunscreen to vulnerable areas like ears and nose to prevent sunburn. Reapply often.

Dog-Safe Sunscreen 

Allow dogs to spend more time in air-conditioned spaces to give periodic relief from hot outdoor temperatures.

Indoor Time

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