Top White Cat Breeds You'll Love

The Birman, also called the "Sacred Cat of Burma," is a longhaired breed recognized by deep blue eyes and white mitted paws.


The Persian's incredibly long, flowing fur gives it a glorious cloud-like white coat. Daily grooming is needed for this high-maintenance but sweet-natured breed.  


Ragdoll cats are known for being docile and affectionate. These large, longhaired white cats tend to go limp when cuddled - just like a ragdoll!


An ancient breed from Turkey, the Turkish Angora is a gracefully built cat covered in long, silky white fur. They are highly active and social.  

Turkish Angora

A color variant of the Siamese breed, the Foreign White lacks colorpointing but retains the elegant yet substantial body of its cousin. 

Foreign White  

The Snowshoe gets its name from its white fur and darker "snowshoe" markings on the paws. They love being around people and other pets.


The British Shorthair features a dense, plush double coat that gives it an endearingly round appearance. An easygoing and adaptable breed.

British Shorthair

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