Top Police Dog Breeds  

Most common police dog has keen nose, speed, strength, aggression on command and versatility detecting bombs or drugs too.  

German Shepherd  

High energy herding dogs have fearless protective instincts, intelligence and endurance essential for the demands of search/rescue and investigations

Belgian Malinois   

Bold, lively herders excel detecting illicit substances and suspect apprehension yet have an affectionate side.

Dutch Shepherd    

Gentle nature doesn't deter working ability finding bombs, drugs, accelerants thanks to their superior nose and trainability.   

Labrador Retriever   

Loyal guard dogs pursue and restrain combative suspects but are still sociable to not threaten innocent citizens during public interactions

Doberman Pinscher

Duty as cattle guardians translates well to patrolling capabilities, detection services, and subduing threatening persons with their imposing presence.   


Self assured boxers have police dog talents like search, security detail, therapy roles or narcotic detection after training their energetic temperament.


The Best Guard Dog Breeds