The Best Guard Dog Breeds

Smart, agile herders have strong protective instincts, train easily for guard duty, with intimidating size, speed and power.

German Shepherd  

Known for extreme loyalty and obedience, Dobermans are muscular, athletic, fearless guardians prepared to defend.  

Doberman Pinscher    

Massive yet docile dogs use formidable size and strength to pin intruders without inflicting injury if not provoked.  


Assertive territoriality make Rottweilers ready protectors but socialization ensures discriminating friend from foe ability.


Boxers bond deeply to their family making perceptive, self–assured and brave companions for security roles after attaining maturity around age three.  


Italian mastiff-type dogs have guarding ancestry and the intelligence to discern threats after consistent handling and supervision.   

Cane Corso   

Energetic herders switch readily to property guardian mode with inherently protective temperament and quick reflexes.  

Belgian Malinois  

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