Top 10 Cleanest Dog Breeds

Smart, energetic Poodles have tight curly coats that rarely shed. Require regular professional grooming.


With hair-like coats, Yorkies shed minimally. Their small size also means little mess.

Yorkshire Terrier 

Adorable Maltese have long, silky, white hair coats requiring daily brushing to prevent mats and tangling.


Though they need daily brushing, Shih Tzus hardly shed under their long, luscious locks.

Shih Tzu

 These amusing little dogs boast shedding-resistant wiry coats. They make charming companion pets.

Brussels Griffon

Fluffy white Bichons are light shedders perfect for those wanting a cuddly but tidy pup.

Bichon Frise

With minimal shedding and neat beards, Schnauzers make dapper additions to low-mess homes. 


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