7 Secret Tips for DIY Dog Grooming at Home

Over-bathing strips natural oils. Bathe only when dirty or every 6-8 weeks. Use gentle shampoo.

Bathe Less Often  

 Brush down to skin weekly to distribute oils and remove dead hair. Use a slicker brush and undercoat rake.

Brush Thoroughly  

Trim nails every 2-3 weeks before they get too long. Avoid overcutting pink quick. Use styptic powder if you cut too short.  

Trim Nails Frequently

Check and gently wipe outer ears weekly with cotton balls dampened with dog ear wash. Never insert cotton swabs into canal.

Clean Ears Weekly  

Brush frequently, bathe less, give omega fatty acid supplements, and use deshedding tools to manage excessive shedding. 

Control Shedding  

Talk soothingly, diffuse calming essential oils, and give treats during grooming to relax anxious pups. Go slowly.

Calm Nervous Dogs

Give praise and treats during and after grooming to reinforce it as a positive experience.

Reward Good Behavior  

7 Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Paws