Teaching Your Dog to Come Every Time

 Practice recall on a long lead first so you can gently reel dog in if they don't initially come when called. 

Use a Long Line

Start training recall with your dog on leash and reel them in gently while encouraging excitedly. Praise upon arrival.

 Make it Fun 

Reward with super enticing treats when your dog returns to you to motivate them to come every time

Use High-Value Treats  

Gradually increase distractions like toys and other pets. Reward heavily for returning despite temptation.

Slowly Add Distractions 

 Increase difficulty by calling your dog in distracting new environments. Always reward for compliance. 

Practice in New Locations

Sometimes reward with treat, sometimes with praise to maintain motivation for a reliable response.

 Use Random Reinforcement

Never scold for slow or no recall. This will damage trust and make your dog not want to come. 

Never Punish  

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