Tips to Stop Your Dog from Disrupting Your Sleep

Ensure your dog goes out right before bed to relieve themselves so they sleep instead of asking to go out.

Nightly Walks

Provide a cozy bed in your room away from drafts and noise that could disturb your dog's sleep.


Use a fan, white noise machine or music to drown out outside noises triggering barking. 

White Noise  

Block outdoor light that may stimulate your dog. Keep the room nice and dark for sleeping.

 Blackout Shades  

Stick to a regular routine of final potty break, playtime winding down and bedtime command.

Bedtime Routine  

Daytime walks and play ensures your dog becomes mentally and physically tired for resting at night.


Use a dim night light to guide an older dog if they must pace or use the bathroom.

 Night Light  

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