Tips for Finding a Reputable Dog Breeder

Reputable breeders perform recommended health screening tests for the breed to reduce inherited diseases. 

Health Certifications  

Assess the temperament and conditions of parent dogs. Puppies often mirror traits of parents.

Meet Parents   

Inspect the breeder's home and kennel. It should be clean with ample room for puppies to play/exercise.

 Clean Facilities  

The breeder should have a strong relationship with a vet for guidance and puppy checkups.

Vet Relationship

Responsible breeders focus on just 1-2 breeds and litters per year. Mass production indicates greed. 

 Limited Breeding  

 A good contract outlines health guarantees, breeding prohibitions, return policies and more.


A quality breeder will ask you questions to ensure their puppies go to suitable homes. 

Personal Interview

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