Tips to Keep Neighbor Dogs Out of Your Yard

This natural spray often deters dogs. Apply around yard perimeter and spray areas dogs frequent.  

Try Citronella Spray

Emits high frequency sound when triggered by movement. Annoys dogs but is inaudible to humans.

Install Ultrasonic Device 

Sprinkler gets triggered by dog's movement, startling them. Dogs associate yard with getting wet.

Use Motion Activated 

Spread coyote, lion or other natural predator urine granules. The scent scares away dogs.

Apply Scent Repellants

Close off any gaps in fences where dogs enter with new fencing or plant barrier hedges.  

Block Access Points

Fully fencing your yard with secure material like wood or chain link helps keep neighbor dogs out.

Build a Fence 

Repeatedly practice this command when sending neighbor dogs back to their home.  

Practice "Go Home" 

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