Why Dogs Dig and How to Stop This Behavior 

Digging instinct comes from their wild ancestry. It can help them cool down, hide food, or relieve boredom.

It's Natural 

Lack of exercise and mental stimulation are common culprits for excess digging. Expand their enrichment.  

Boredom Buster

On hot days, dogs may dig pits to lie in the cool dirt. Ensure they have shade and water.

Cooling Off

Dogs may bury and dig up bones, toys and other "treasures." Supervise their play times.

Burying Treasures   

For anxious dogs, digging holes can be calming. Ease their stress with training and routines.  

Anxiety Relief   

Allow them an approved digging spot with buried toys to satisfy the instinct. Supervise use.

Try Digging Pits 

Lay chicken wire or landscape edging to block specific areas prone to digging.  

Use Physical Barriers

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