Tips for Walking Outside with Your Cat

Opt for an H-style harness that doesn't put pressure on your cat's throat. Attach a lightweight leash.

Pick the Right Gear

Put the harness on at home, give treats and praise, and supervise your cat before attaching the leash.

Get Them Used to the Harness  

First trips should be short 5-10 minute walks close to home at your cat's pace. Don't force them.  

Start Slowly

It takes time and positive reinforcement for a cat to adjust to walking on a leash outside. Be patient and reward good behavior.

Be Patient

A retractable leash gives your cat some freedom to explore while keeping them safe.

Use a Retractable Leash  

 If your cat seems stressed by leash walking, carry them in an approved cat backpack so they can safely enjoy the outdoors.

Consider a Cat Backpack

Be very cautious walking near roads. Keep your cat on a short leash at all times for safety.

Watch for Cars

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