Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Treats

Pay attention to flavors and textures your cat likes best. Cats have unique tastes.

Observe Preferences

Look for treats with high protein, low carbs/fat. Ingredients like tuna, salmon, chicken breast are good choices.

Pick Nutritious Options

Factor treats into daily calorie intake. Read labels carefully and size treats appropriately.

Calculate Calories  

If your cat has allergies, pick hypoallergenic treats with novel protein sources like rabbit or duck.

Consider Allergies

Cats like crunchy or chewy treats they can nibble on. Avoid treats that are too hard or crumble easily.

Texture Matters

Choose treats with recognizable, high-quality ingredients. Avoid artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Look for Natural  

Your vet can recommend treats appropriate for your cat's needs and current health status.

Ask Your Vet

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