Tips for Socializing Your Dog to People

 Introduce puppies to new people, dogs, places, and sounds before 12-16 weeks when socialization window closes.

 Start Young

Praise and give treats for relaxed, polite interactions. This shapes socialization positively.  

Reward Calm Behavior  

Closely manage interactions, intervening if your dog seems frightened or overwhelmed.

Supervise Interactions

Discourage rough play. Coach gentle play by praising polite play style.

Teach Appropriate Play

 Enroll your pup in a force-free training class for socialization with new dogs/people

 Puppy Kindergarten Class

 Introduce new stimuli gradually. Don't flood your dog all at once.  

Increase Exposure Slowly

Arrange controlled meetings with friend's vaccinated, gentle dogs to build skills.

Set Up for Success

Safe Home Environment for Your New Cat