Safe Home Environment for Your New Cat

Provide a small room with food, water, bed, litterbox, toys. Let new cat gradually explore home from safe space.

Dedicated Sanctuary Room

Have one more box than number of cats. Place in quiet, easy to access spots.

Proper Number of Litterboxes 

Cats love to perch on cat trees to gaze out windows. Pick sturdy, tall designs they can climb.

Cat Trees Near Windows

 Install window screens so cats can safely survey the outdoors without the risk of falls or escapes.

 Window Screens

Provide scratching posts around the home so cats can satisfy scratching urges on appropriate surfaces.

 Scratching Posts

Tuck away or secure any loose cables or wires to prevent chewing risk.

 Hide Loose Cords

Keep toxic species like lilies and poinsettias out of the home or use cat repellent sprays.

Remove Toxic Plants

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