Tips for Safe Travels With Your Puppy

Properly secure puppy in crate or carrier/seat belt before driving. Stop hourly for exercise/bathroom breaks.

Car Travel

Get vet approval, buy airline approved crate, plan direct flights, attach food/meds to crate, use pet relief areas.

Plane Pre

Update vaccinations and have health certificate from vet for permission to transport puppy after 8 weeks old.

Health Records

Ensure puppy wears collar with ID plus microchip for identification during entire trip.

Identification Tags

Include puppy’s favorite toys and treats plus water bowl to provide comfort/distraction during new travel experiences.

Familiar Items

Carry proof of puppy’s age to confirm it meets airline or public transportation minimum age policies for travel.

Proof of Age 

Puppy proof back seat of vehicle, hotel room or temporary housing by removing hazards and blocking access. 

Puppy Proofing

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