Tips for Hunting Safely With Your Dog

Ensure your dog has excellent obedience training and will return on command before taking them hunting.

Obedience Training

Make sure your dog wears a collar with ID tag, rabies tag, and blaze orange vest for visibility. Consider microchipping.


Use a check cord to keep young or highly excitable dogs close until they settle during the hunt.

Unfamiliar Areas 

Properly secure your dog while transporting them to the hunting site to avoid dangerous jumps from vehicles.


Recognize signs of fatigue and overheating. Bring water and take regular breaks to prevent exhaustion. 

Avoid Overexertion

Equip yourself with a canine first aid kit. Know basic techniques like treating cuts or immobilizing injuries.

First Aid Preparedness

Watch for concealed traps like foothold traps. Consider bell collars. Know release techniques.

Trap Awareness 

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