Tips for Managing a Picky Eater Cat

Feed at the same times daily and pick up uneaten food after 30 minutes until the next meal. Don't give in to demands.

Stick to a Schedule

Cats can be put off by certain textures. Switch between wet food, dry kibble, raw food, and freeze-dried mixes.

Try Different Textures  

Warming canned or refrigerated foods to room or body temperature can make it more enticing through stronger aroma.

Warm the Food

Hide portions around the house, use puzzle feeders, place food in unexpected spots to stimulate curiosity. 

Make Meals Fun 

Gradually transition between foods over 5-7 days by mixing increasing amounts of the new food into the old.

Avoid Abrupt Changes

Schedule a vet visit to rule out underlying medical causes like dental disease, food allergies, or gastrointestinal problems.

Check for Health Issues

Use a few treats to whet your cat's appetite right before mealtimes.

Try Cat Treats 

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