Most Popular Cat Breeds from America

A gentle giant breed known for their large size, lush coats, and intelligent, playful personality.

Maine Coon

America's most popular pedigreed cat breed. Medium-sized, muscular, and extremely family-friendly.

American Shorthair

Affectionate, laid-back cats that go limp when held. Come in colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor patterns.


Named for their unique, curled-back ears. Often described as "Peter Pan" kitties.

American Curl 

Medium-sized cats with wiry, crimped fur resembling steel wool. Both fur types and personalities.

American Wirehair 

Cuddly, amicable teddy bear cats similar to but larger than Ragdolls. Very dog-like temperament.


Shorter-tailed cats prized as family pets. Intelligent, interactive, and adaptable to new situations.

American Bobtail

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