Tips for Interactive Playtime with Your Cat

Mimic prey with pole toys featuring feathers, wire, bells, and bouncy attachments for chasing and pouncing.

 Cat Fishing Poles  

Dispense treats or kibble from puzzle toys to engage your cat's clever problem-solving skills.

Treat Puzzles 

Toss ping pong balls across smooth floors for your cat to excitedly dart after and return. 

Ping Pong Practice 

 Make laser pointers dance around the room for your cat to chase and paw at.

Laser Light  

 Have your cat search for you or treats you've hidden to tap into their stalking instinct.

Hide and Seek

 Let your cat explore, pounce, and play hide and seek in empty cardboard boxes.

 Cardboard Boxes

Interactive play stimulates your cat's body and mind while strengthening your relationship!

 Bond Through Play

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