Guide to Cutting Your Dog's Nails

Gather clippers, styptic powder, and treats to make trimming your dog's nails as stress-free as possible.  

Get Supplies

 Stay composed, work slowly, and frequently praise your dog to create a positive association.

Remain Calm

Locate the blood vessel inside the nail to avoid cutting into the quick which will be painful. 

Identify Quick 

Snip off small slivers of the nail at a time until you reach the optimal length.

Trim Little by Little

If you cut the quick, apply styptic powder to stop bleeding and comfort your dog.

Stop Bleeding 

Give treats and praise throughout the process and after to reinforce cooperation.

Reward Success

To avoid overgrowth, trim approximately every 2-3 weeks. Seek a vet's help if needed.

Maintain Schedule  

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