Tips for Dressing Your Pet

Costumes shouldn't constrict movement, breathing or vision. Allow room for sitting, laying, treats.

 Proper Fit  

Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics. Skip elaborate costumes limiting mobility. Prioritize comfort.

Comfortable Fabrics   

Don't leave pets unsupervised in costumes. Monitor for signs of distress like panting or agitation.

Supervise Use  

 Avoid costumes with small, chewable accents pets might swallow. Use pet safe dyes only.

No Dangerous Accessories  

Your pet should be able to easily wiggle free of the costume if needed. Avoid tricky fastenings. 

 Quick Release  

 Let your pet try on the costume before the big night. Ensure they can relax and play while wearing it.

Test It Out  

Use your pet's collar and ID tag under the costume in case they escape.


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