7 Pet Safety Tips for Halloween Fun 

Ensure costumes are comfortable, don't restrict movement or breathing, and don't have small decorations pets can chew off.  

 Pet Costumes

Use a collar and tag with your contact info under any costume so your pet can be identified if lost.


Keep pets safely indoors on Halloween night to prevent escapes and limit stress from doorbells and activity.  

Indoors at Night

Keep candles, wires, tablecloths and holiday plants out of pet reach. Supervise pets around decor.

 Secure Decorations 

Chocolate and sugar can make pets very sick. Keep candy stashes away from pets and wrappers picked up.

No Candy for Pets

Clear lawn decorations and debris on Nov 1st so pets aren't tempted to play with/chew hazardous items

 Prep the Yard

Use calming treats, pheromones or white noise for pets with noise fears Halloween night.

Prep Noise Phobias  

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