The Most Sociable and Friendly Cat Breeds

Known for their puppy-like personalities and tendency to go limp in arms, Ragdolls form strong bonds and want to be everywhere their owners are.


Despite impressive size, Maine Coons tend to have sweet, social dispositions and take quickly to strangers. 

Maine Coon

Vocal and ever-inquisitive, Siamese cats create tight connections with their preferred people. They typically remain kittenish and playful throughout adulthood.


Extremely affectionate and social, the hairless Sphynx loves snuggling skin-to-skin with owners under blankets. They hate being alone.


Energetic yet gentle, Abyssinians thrive when able to interact frequently with their beloved people. 


Particularly devoted to their chosen person in a household, Burmese cats stay playful throughout adulthood and require abundant attention.


Though independent at times, Manx cats tend to form close bonds with considerate owners. Their playfulness makes them wonderful companions.  


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