Big-Eyed Cat Breeds to Adore 

Famed for their sweet expression, Persians have large round eyes and a flatter face. Their coat requires significant grooming.


Exotics carry the Persian's signature babydoll face and giant eyes on a compact shorthaired body demanding less coat care.

Exotic Shorthair

Gentle Ragdoll cats often possess stunning blue eyes. Their semi-long fur doesn't obscure their beautiful big round eyes.  


Slanted yet oversized bright blue eyes stand out beautifully against the darker face coat of extroverted, vocal Siamese cats.  


Friendly Maine Coon cats have medium-large almond eyes conveying intelligence. Some feature stunning odd-colored eyes.

Maine Coon

Often compared to dark chocolate, Burmese cats have round heads with far set large yellow or gold eyes contrasting their fur.  


Scottish Folds carry folded-over ears above big round eyes and a rounded head. Eye care for folds is critical.  

Scottish Fold

Most Captivating Blue Eyed Cat Breeds