The Most Aggressive Dog Breeds 

Unfortunately pitbulls top lists of reported biting incidents due to extraordinarily strong jaws, history of dog fights and potential to not release bites.  


Used as guard dogs historically, territorial rottweilers show aggression through suspiciousness of strangers 


Natural protectiveness must be monitored as overly sharp German Shepherds may mistake normal interactions as threatening and react suddenly without control.  

German Shepherd

Known for turning aggressive on command in protection roles, Dobermans need extensive socialization

Doberman Pinscher  

Desire to roam and high prey drive fuels many Husky attacks on small animals if not properly contained and controlled using strong leashes/fences.

Siberian Husky 

Bred for tenacious gripping and shaking of prey, Bull Terriers apply forceful bite strength rapidly with muscular compact frames prone to targeting other animals.

Bull Terrier

Despite gentle reputation, Great Danes large size allows significant injury if they interpret stimuli as threatening which must be prevented through training.

Great Dane

Most Loyal Small Dog Breeds