Most Loyal Small Dog Breeds

Though tiny in stature, Chihuahuas exhibit huge hearts and deep devotion toward their favorite humans, earning them a reputation as ardent loyal lap warmers. 


Sweet tempered toy spaniels show steadfast affection and thrive on close companionship with people making them a cuddly yet loyal shadow.

Cavalier KC Spaniel

The lively Papillon forms intense bonds with select owners, feeling safest in their presence and often physically clinging to demonstrate loyal affection.   


Spirited and sorted Yorkies claim special human allies they follow everywhere, tune into constantly, defend adamantly illustrating charming loyal devotion. 

Yorkshire Terrier 

Outgoing pugs think the world of their families, want inclusion in all home activities and will learn tricks just to please owners as loyal attention lovers.  


Independent thinkers yet Shibas do form profound bonds with respectful owners and become faithful guardians for years due to unwavering loyalty.  

Shiba Inu  

Though bold puffballs eager for adventure, Poms equally anticipate quality couch snuggle sessions to remain loyally connected to favorite people. 


Most Protective Dog Breeds