The Largest Dog Breeds in the World

The massive English Mastiff is the heaviest dog breed, with males reaching up to 230 lbs. Despite their size, they are calm and loyal companions.

English Mastiff

Saint Bernards tip the scales at up to 180 lbs. These gentle giants love children and were originally bred as rescue dogs. 

Saint Bernard

Great Danes are towering dogs that can reach 200 lbs. They are patient, dependable, and surprisingly apartment-friendly.

Great Dane

Newfoundlands weigh 100-150 lbs but are calm sweethearts. They love the water and make excellent lifeguards.


The Leonberger is a large German breed weighing up to 170 lbs. They have a lion-like mane and excel at water rescue.


Irish Wolfhounds are gentle giants topping out at 180 lbs. They have a wiry coat and sighthound build.

Irish Wolfhound

Bullmastiffs are sturdy guardians weighing up to 130 lbs. Despite their imposing size, they are calm and loyal to their families.


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