Top Smallest Dog Breeds Worldwide 

The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed, weighing just 4-6 lbs and standing only 6-9 inches tall. They have huge personalities in tiny bodies.


Toy Poodles are an elegant petite breed under 10 inches tall and 5-10 lbs. This trainable and lively breed has a hypoallergenic coat.

Toy Poodle 

Weighing 5-10 lbs, the alert and friendly Papillon wins hearts with its butterfly-like ears and lively personality. 


Pomeranians are dainty charmers weighing 3-7 lbs. They are affectionate and extroverted despite their small stature.


Yorkies measure 7-8 inches tall and just 4-7 lbs but havebounding energy and confidence. Their silky coat requires daily brushing.

Yorkshire Terrier  

Under 7 lbs, the glamorous Maltese has a show-stopping silky white coat. This gentle lapdog thrives on human companionship.


The Havanese is a Cuban breed under 10 lbs known for its cheerful and outgoing temperament. Their coat requires brushing several times per week.


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