How to Train a Deaf Dog

Teach commands using simple, consistent hand gestures the dog can see instead of verbal cues.

Use Visual Signals  

Use vibration collars or stamped feet as "beepers" to get your dog's attention and give cues.

Try Vibration Signals

Use high-value treats to reinforce and reward desired behaviors for positive association.

Reward With Treats  

Gently guide your deaf dog into positions by touching their body. Reward with treat when they follow.

Use Touch Prompts

Use the exact same signals every time for each command to avoid confusing your deaf dog.

Be Consistent  

Stomp, flash lights, or vibrate collar to alert your dog before giving hand signals. 

 Get Their Attention First

Introduce new hand signal commands slowly and one at a time for easier learning. 

Add Cues Gradually

How to Become a Dog Trainer