Super Friendly Cat Breeds For Families

Known as puppy-like cats, Ragdolls form strong bonds with their families. Their sweet, docile personalities make them ideal for households with kids.  


Persians enjoy being admired. They love lounging around and soaking up affection from their favored humans.


Among the most loyal and sociable of cats, the gentle Maine Coon will get along great with everyone while satisfying its playful side.

Maine Coon

Vocal and attention-seeking, the Siamese craves human interaction. They become strongly devoted companions.


Burmese cats exhibit extreme tolerance of handling and form close attachments. They make wonderful family pets.


The Tonkinese loves being involved in day-to-day family happenings. Their affectionate, gentle nature suits households with kids.  


Smart, friendly, and energetic - the Abyssinian thrives when it can interact closely with its loved ones on a regular basis.


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