Specific Laws Unfairly Target Pit Bull Type Dogs

There is no definitive way to visually identify a pit bull, yet laws target dogs that "look" like one. Any blocky head means punishment. 

Faulty Identification

Well-behaved dogs are severely restricted or banned for simply having a pit bull look according to arbitrary rules.

Punished for Appearance

Adoptions plummet due to complex regulations and housing restrictions placed based on presumed breed, not temperament.

Difficult Adoption  

BSL punishes an entire breed based on negative prejudice and stereotypes, often not backed by statistical evidence.

Canine Racism

Targeting one breed fails to address irresponsible owners and other aggressive dogs still pose risks.

False Sense of Safety

Enforcement of BSL laws is expensive and taxes limited shelter resources needed for programs that make communities safer.

Tax Burden

Cities report no decrease in bites after BSL, proving breed is not predictive of aggression.

No Change in Bites  

Shelter Staff Want You to Know About Pit Bulls