Shelter Staff Want You to Know About Pit Bulls 

Pit bulls bond very closely with their people and aim to make them happy through affection and obedience.

Eager to Please

Pit bulls are bright, attentive dogs capable of learning tricks, following routines and excelling in training.

Highly Intelligent

Contrary to their energetic stereotype, pit bulls love napping on the couch and snuggling their humans at home.

 Lazy Loungers

Pit bulls are extremely loyal to their families and form deep, lifelong bonds with caretakers.  

Loyal Companions 

Well-socialized, trained pit bulls excel with children thanks to their playfulness, patience and desire to please. 


Despite assumptions, most pit bulls coexist wonderfully with other dogs when properly introduced.


Almost everything you think you know about pit bulls is wrong according to shelter staff experience. Keep an open mind!

Truth vs Myths

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