Simple Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Engage your cat's natural hunting drive with interactive toys like wands and puzzle feeders for exercise.  

Schedule Play Sessions

Set up climbing structures, cozy beds, scratching posts and hiding boxes to entertain your curious cat.

Create a Cat Playground 

Regularly groom them with a soft brush to promote healthy skin, remove shedding fur, and strengthen your bond.

Brush Their Fur  

Feed a complete and balanced cat food diet. Avoid table scraps. Ensure access to fresh, clean water.  

Provide Proper Nutrition   

Scoop waste daily and fully replace litter regularly to encourage consistent bathroom usage by your cat.  

Keep the Litterbox Fresh

Get annual wellness exams to catch issues early and keep immunizations up to date for good preventive health.

Visit the Vet Yearly   

Place cozy beds on cat trees, shelves and window sills so they can nap safely and survey their domain.  

Offer Naps Spots Up High  

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